Pihabitat Europan 2019


Pihabitat Europan 2019

Europan 15 kilpailu


This competition challenged us with asking for a productive village design in the wonderland of lakes and forests, Finland. We started to think what a village and production mean in the context of Finland and how these notions have been materialized in the area of Tuusula- as a good sample in combination of Finnish lakes and nature.

The project site, Anttila, used to be a farm, and then an agricultural research center. It had been producing foods and crops for years. The idea was to regain this productivity side and adapt it to the present needs of the modern life, producing not only food, but also the knowledge about farming, human connections and experiences. The question was, how to make people who would live in this area feel invested in the village life to be part of the production process of the village. We tried to include this process in all aspects of everyday life of the residents, from recreation to living environment. 

To make the project fit in this specific site, we considered the history linked to finnish traditional agriculture and the potentials of the lake shore. Taking all the social, environmental and economic matters into consideration, we attempted to create a lively and sustainable village wherein,the future inhabitants of Anttila as well as the visitors would feel like belonging to a community. So we wished our design would encourage people to be part of producing ressources with enabling the synergies of communities. 

we considered 3 steps in time for development of our project that in each step, there would be possibility for change through negotiation with residents, the future users and investors. We also proposed different building typologies in which, people have the freedom to choose between a ready-made house, a structural frame that they can design inside themselves or an empty plot that they have full freedom – within the rules of construction- to decide about the building. 

Sijainti: Tuusula

Ehdotus: 2019


Negin Armioun
Marina Basdekis
Meliina Rantalainen
Aki Sahrman
Léa Trouvé

Ryhmäkuva: Sirpa Laaninen