SenCella is a proposal for an international conceptual competition: "home for the blind"

 We have chosen the site in Helsinki, Finland. Our concept is to rely on other senses than vision to use and enjoy the spaces at home. We have also considered the limited and sensitive vision of the blind person that needs special attention. For this reason, we have created a house with an outer skin to get protection from direct sunlight while benefiting from the natural light. It also provides intimacy from outside, insulation from cold and creates semi-inside space. Semi-inside space is a protected place that can be used for walking, growing plants, sitting, and enjoying palju, etc.

 In our design, we have made simple room distribution to give easy circulation and access to all the rooms. We have used different textures, materials and contrasted colours on the walls, floors, and furniture to facilitate the distinguishing and useing of spaces. We have included water as a sensual element that brings warmth/cold and as a part of sauna ritual in Finnish culture. We designed SenCella in a way that helps the inhabitant to live the everyday life independently and with no feelings of disability.

This proposal was among the shortlisted projects chosen by the jury. access link:

Sijainti: Helsinki

Arkkitehdit: Lea Trouve, Negin Armioun

Kuvat: Lea Trouve, Negin Armioun